Battle Of The Ages Provides Proof That Padium Is A Padel Tech Masterpiece

November 10, 2023

by Robert Mitchell

THE dust had barely settled on Tuesday’s ‘Battle Of The Ages’ clash between Padel Tech’s esteemed ‘sexagenarian’ ambassador Barry Coffey and his 21-year-old tormentor Ewan Ramsden when we were presented with the concrete (pardon the pun) proof that Padium is indeed the UK’s preeminent padel destination.

YouTuber Ewan, who specialises in taking on the great and the good of British padel, prevailed in a tense three-set Champions tie-break tussle 10-8, 10-2, 14-12 in an encounter in which Barry’s objective of proving men of a certain vintage can still cut the padel mustard against more youthful opposition was irrefutably proven.

Yet while everyone was a winner, as the footage which will soon appear on Ewan’s channel will prove, the real star of the show was the Padel Tech created AFP V-Panoramic Mondo Supercourt surfaced court at 10 Bank Street which left Ewan proclaiming it simply the best he had played on.

But before we hear Ewan’s court report it’s time to hear from our two protagonists and as Ewan admitted his venerable opponent more than proved the point that age is no concern when it comes to padel.

Over to you Ewan: “The Battle of the Ages was the first where I have played someone of Barry’s age and absolutely Barry proved his point that a senior guy can play very good padel.

“He didn’t come on court and play tennis or sit at the back of the court and just hit hard. He played the correct shots and because he did that so well it was tricky for me to win the points; Barry’s tactics were very good and he clearly has a lot of knowledge and he made that work.

“So it was really competitive and certainly in the first and third it could have gone either way. In the first tie-break Barry won the first two points and put me under pressure straight away.

“I have played similar challenges against the likes of Ethan Bardo and one of my last videos was a doubles match with my partner Harry Jiggins against the Team GB internationals Louie Harris and Frankie Langan but we got destroyed to be fair!

“So to be fair to Barry he posed me different challenges and all credit to him, I really enjoyed it.”

Despite his defeat Barry was his usual upbeat self as he accentuated the positive with a smile: “My theory of pushing Ewan into errors didn’t work as I made too many errors myself at crucial times trying to finish the point on a half chance!

“But seriously it was great stuff and just a delight to share a court with Ewan at Padium which is just an incredible venue and all credit to Padel Tech for their work in creating it.”

Ewan has built up a 20k subscriber following on his YouTube channel which is designed to create entertaining content to promote his website.

As he revealed there is a reason why he has developed his padel challenge match series: “Recently I have wanted to make the video content more entertaining and so I am playing these matches, and they are popular as people can learn from them, but also we are featuring people who aren’t professionals and that makes it more relatable.

“You can see things that the better players are doing you can still aspire to produce yourself whereas with the pros that is a bit unattainable for the normal club player.”

But before we let Ewan return to YouTube land we thought we’d let him share the ‘Five Reasons That Make Padium a Padel Tech Masterpiece’.

Here they are:

1: Padel Promotion: “Basically Padium is my favourite club to play and that’s because it’s brilliant for the promotion of the sport in general as you have the big Padium sign outside and thousands of people will walk past that every day and see it and ask what is padel? Inside it is just so luxury and premium but it just really promotes the sport.”

2: Surface Underfoot: “The courts were just really nice and the bounce was perfectly even and consistent which is something I always look for.

“In many courts there are dead patches where the ball bounce is poor while there can also be areas that are slippy and the footing can be a real issue and spoil your playing experience. Because of this balance becomes an issue but with the surface being Mondo Supercourt at Padium none of this is an issue. It is just a premium playing experience.”

3: Ambience: “The facilities in general are really top quality from the changing rooms to the bar, everything is top level. What I would say is you are in no hurry to leave as the surroundings are superb.

“All of which adds to the experience as you just feel so comfortable in Padium.”

4: Lighting: “This was perfect. Sometimes at other clubs when the ball goes up and you’re looking for a smash you just lose sight of it but in Padium the lighting is consistent and not blinding.

“There is nothing worse than not being able to take a ball out of the air due to the lighting but it was perfect.”

5: V-Panoramic: “I really noticed a difference the first time I walked on court, the visibility all round definitely adds to the experience but once you are on and playing you just focus on the game and that is the highest compliment I could pay the courts at Padium.

“You are just focussed on playing your game and enjoying the experience. There are no issues, nothing to distract you and everything is top quality that’s the way you want it.”

One for the road: The Experience: “Aesthetically when you walk into Padium there is a: ‘Wow!’ factor, it is that good. Plus it’s just so nice to go to Canary Wharf as it’s just such a nice area and every time I go to Padium I make it a day out and spend time in the area.

“I’m not a court expert but all I can say is when I walked on court it looked great and when I played on the court felt great. It is an almost intuitive thing and Padel Tech have done a great job with these courts at No.10 Bank Street.

“Really I’d say Padium is the club I get most excited about going to and the best I’ve played at so far but I would have to visit Rocket Padel Bristol before I can pronounce Padium as the undisputed champion!”

If you need help in achieving your padel dream feel free to reach out to us on 0131 581 8683 or

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