Introducing Padium: The Proof that Padel Tech is the UK's Premier Padel Court Provider

September 7, 2023

By Bob James

PAUL ROSS believes that the launch of Padium has provided concrete proof that Padel Tech is the market leader when it comes to padel court production in the UK.

Our MD was among the great and the good invited to attend the glittering launch party at 10 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, last night to herald the opening of what is being billed as the ‘Home of UK Padel’..

This was the culmination of almost two years of hard graft and challenging engineering for Padel Tech which has been realised in a premium padel facility which has taken almost £5million in investment to realise.

The superb eight AFP (All For Padel) courts, seven indoor and one outside, which are the culmination of a combination of innovation, technology and a manufacturing process encapsulating only the highest quality materials, are enhanced by their Mondo Super court surfacing and commanded a seven-figure investment from Padel Tech itself.

Reflecting on all of this Paul has no doubt that Padium will, in padel term’s, be a case of satisfaction guaranteed and a venue that confirms us in pole position when it comes to delivering premium projects: “Padium has been close to a five million project and I believe without doubt it has demonstrated that we are the market leader in terms of padel court building in the UK.

“It is a real statement venue and one we are very proud to have helped create and everyone at Padel Tech will take great satisfaction and pride in watching the undoubted success of Padium going forward and the part we will have played in achieving that.

“I’m also very proud of the Padel Tech team for delivering this and it is quite an emotional thing as it has been almost two years of really hard work and engineering.

“There has been a lot of input from all sorts of parties but now we have finally got it across the line and it has definitely been the most challenging project we have completed to date and we take great pride in that.

“Padium is very premium with the courts all AFP V-Panoramic which is more of an outdoor model but we have opted to use them indoor here as they have a certain distinctive quality.

“But there is also a sense of relief that Padium is opening and really the launch party confirmed all of that and it was really nice to be along for it. Now it is all about looking forward to Padium’s success for I have no doubt it will be huge!”

Paul was also keen to issue a shout-out for two key members of our team who have been on site since day one to make sure that the dreams of co-owners Martin Lorentzon and Houman Ashrafzadeh were realised.

Paul explained: “Ryan Green has been site manager for the duration of the project and James Paris has been his right hand man throughout the process and they have been invaluable to the success of this build.

“They have overcome every issue which a challenging site has thrown at them and always managed to provide the solutions.

“For example the geography of the site was certainly challenging and that impacted on the costs. The eight ton machine we would normally use to point load on to concrete slabs could not be utilised and we had to use other methods and different techniques to carry out the build but we got there in the end and are very happy with the end result.

“So I would like to make special mention of these guys.

Paul was also keen to congratulate Padium co-owner Houman Ashrafzadeh and his project director Ray Dawkins for a collaboration which is soon likely to be replicated in another jaw-dropping padel development in the capital.

Paul said: “I’d like to congratulate Houman and of course Martin (Lorentzon). Houman has had great vision with this project, and it must have tested his patience as well, but he has had the determination to see it out and it goes without saying that we wish him every success with Padium and his future projects.

“But I’d also like to pass on my gratitude to Ray Dawkins, the project director, who has been my point of call and a good man to work with.

“I think the fit out has been world class and what we now have with Padium is the premium padel venue in the UK – without doubt!

“It has been a real test of everyone’s skills and knowledge and it has certainly put Padel Tech on a good standing going forward.

“We are already talking about the next Padium which will be even bigger.”

Yet Paul has revealed there is one personal ambition he is desperate to realise when it comes to the Padium playing experience and he shared: “I’d very much love to play on the courts - although I’m not sure I’d warrant a centre court game!

“But as a padel playing experience I think it is one that will excite and enthuse anyone who enjoys a game at Padium. The courts present in an anthracite grey while we have picked out colours in Padium green which is visually spectacular and completely in keeping with the quality of environment at Canary Wharf.

“One day, soon, I hope, I’d really like to get on court and enjoy them for myself.”

Projecting forward Paul revealed that other new exciting projects are coming on board at Padel Tech while another blue chip customer has just had their padel facility completed.

He said: “We now we are clear of Canary Wharf and looking at new projects and now we are set to start with various new operators over the coming months which is exciting.

“On top of that Gleneagles is almost complete with a new premium destination venue for padel there and I believe that will be exciting for the game in Scotland.”





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