Padel Tech Delighted at Upgrade to SAPCA Principal Contractor

October 20, 2023

PADEL TECH MD Paul Ross has revealed his delight at our company’s upgrade to Principal Contractor status with SAPCA.

The Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) is the UK’s trade association for the sports and play construction industry, with over 220 members carefully scrutinised for excellence to ensure that SAPCA’s Codes of Practice and guidelines, set up in conjunction with the LTA, are met with work of the highest standards ensured.

SAPCA’s Technical Lead Colin Corline examined three of our sites: Kenilworth Tennis, Squash & Croquet Club, Edinburgh Park and The Northern, with the first two examined as completed projects and the latter viewed as a work in progress study, to confirm that these high standards and levels of working practices were met.


With all requirements attained we are delighted to share that we have now moved from Ancillary Contractor status to that of Principal Contractor and reacting to this Paul said: “It’s a great joy that we can announce this move to Principal Contractor status with SAPCA. It has come after many years of hard work and striving to produce and complete projects in the correct manner with high levels of technical proficiency and working standards.

“So to be recognised by SAPCA as a Principal Contractor hopefully underlines the fact that these many years of toil and attempting to go about business in the correct manner has now been recognised within the industry.

“In this respect I think we have built a fine track record and The Northern, Kenilworth and Edinburgh Park were all examined and stood up robustly to that stringent examination.

“But what was also very pleasing was that the systems in our back office were also met with approval. We have managed to achieve ISO: 9001 (specific requirement to operate and maintain a high quality management system) accreditation and that also reassured SAPCA that we do have the adequate systems in place to manage any of the projects we undertake.

“We also have the ‘Living Wage’ guarantee in place which I further hope underlines the fact we are a principled employer with good moral values and standards who are striving to improve our operating practises all the time.

“So this is a very big thing for Padel Tech to announce and a big thanks to the whole team for their vital part in Padel Tech achieving this recognition.”

SAPCA and its members set the standard for excellence in the design, construction and maintenance of sports and play facilities across the UK and as Colin revealed only 52 of its members have achieved Principal Contractor status.

SAPCA’s Technical Lead, Colin Corline was happy to explain our journey with the association and he said: “When Padel Tech joined us in 2022 they joined as ancillary contractors, for the reason that they didn’t have the level of experience acting as a Principal Contractor.

SAPCA has in excess of 50 Principal Contractors and as part of our Quality Assurance programme we scrutinise their work annually over a three year rolling period. We felt that as Padel Tech were now doing much more work as a lead contractor themselves it would make good sense for them to step up to achieve Principal Contractor category status.

Colin Corline, Paul Ross, Andy Ponton - Site Visit Edinburgh Park

“From the body of work they have achieved since becoming SAPCA members, they were ready to join that category and highlight to clients that this is the type of quality of work they are producing. Furthermore, this means that when potential clients use the SAPCA website’s ‘Member Search’ Padel Tech will now be listed as a principal Contractor, enhancing Padel Tech’s profile.”

When it came to what pleased Colin most about our body of work he had no doubts: “There were a couple of things in this respect. We don’t just check the actual construction work; we also carry out an assessment of the company’s internal systems (ISO: 9001) and the paperwork behind the projects we are examining.

“Along with the visits to the three selected sites, I also met Padel Tech at their offices recently and was very impressed with their efficiency in this regard in terms of their office systems.

“Alongside this, the standard work in padel court construction they are producing was oft he high standard required by SAPCA members.”

Interestingly as Colin revealed the examination process carried out to as part of our Quality Assurance has been upgraded to take into account ‘work-in-progress’ projects for a very valuable reason.

He explained: “Previously we used to carry out assessments of completed projects but since 2022 we felt there was added value in visiting ‘live’ sites to ensure that the Health and Safety procedures were in place, the site was well managed, suitably secure and that the working practices were to the required standard.

Colin added: “Padel has certainly been booming in recent years and SAPCA developed a Code of Practice for the Construction of Padel Courts in conjunction with the LTA in 2021 to ensure that construction standards in this market were high. This year we have updated and enhanced the document Padel Tech have become an active member in assisting with the changes to the document.”

Paul confirmed our new Principal Contractor status is something that is greatly valued by all at Padel Tech and one which we believe has been well earned given the success of our recent projects at Padium, Gleneagles, Adare Manor and The East Glos Club.

Padel Tech’s MD reflected: “SAPCA are highly regarded within the Sports and Play Industry as the trade body to be aligned with and to also ensure that best practice and quality instals are standard and that only the highest levels are maintained within our industry.

“Padel, being a new sport for SAPCA and its members, is still in its early days, and the updated guidance document will be launched at the their technical meeting in November and will include the use of canopies to cover courts.

If you need help in achieving your padel dream feel free to reach out to us on 0131 581 8683 or

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